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Southeast Environmental is committed to providing effective BMPs for the construction industry. Based on ten years of field experience, SEC has developed unique equipment to solve specific problems on your site.

Rising-stage Sampler - To collect that NPDES discharge sample on the rising stage of the run-off curve, this Rising-stage Sampler is an excellent alternative for hand-sampling and/or automatic samplers.

Rising Stage Sampler
Stream Gauge

Stream Gauge - This simple gauge will establish the exact height for your stream monitoring intake device.

Polymixer - The Polymixer thoroughly mixes polymer compounds into the sediment-laden water.

Polymixer - Vertical
   Vertical polymixer for 1-inch pumps
Polymixer - Horizontal
  Horizontal polymixer for 3-inch pumps


FLOC-FLAP® - The FLOC-FLAP® in storm drains or curb inlets is your first opportunity to reduce the amount of sediment leaving your site.

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