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TechNotes is a source of technical information and solutions for erosion and sediment control problems associated with land-disturbing activities. This information is provided by SEC as a service to its customers.

1. Clarifying Turbid Water - Sediment entered my fish pond - how do I clarify the water? TechNotes Answer (PDF)

2. Sampling Equipment for Off-Site Storm Water Discharge - What choices do I have for discharge sampling equipment? TechNotes Answer (PDF)

3. Silt Fence (Sediment Barrier) - 3 Elements of Design - What elements should be considered in designing the layout of my sediment barrier? TechNotes Answer (PDF)

4. Silt Fence (Sediment Barrier) - The Layout Path - How much drainage area should a silt fence serve? How can I prevent all sediment from collecting at the bottom? TechNotes Answer (PDF)

5. Wood Chip Berms as Pre-Filters - What can I do to improve the filtration of my silt fences? TechNotes Answer (PDF)

 FAQs & TechNotes  
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