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Environmental Site Inspections – SEC conducts thorough weekly and monthly site BMP inspections insuring quality installation and maintenance. This allows SEC’s clients to concentrate on other aspects of the project and significantly reduce long-term maintenance costs.

NPDES Discharge Monitoring – SEC monitors streams for site runoff and provides guidance and suggestions for corrective actions. Prompt corrective actions reduce potential for regulatory fines and/or litigation.

GASWCC Training – SEC provides its clients with all levels of Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission Certified Person Training as well as other customized group training classes. Knowledgeable employees reduce costs due to downtime and construction delays.

BMP Installation & Maintenance – SEC represents the owner to select quality subcontractors for BMP installation and maintenance. Sourcing qualified subcontractors saves owners and contractors time and money.

Environmental Site Plans

Regulatory Litigation Expertise

On-call Emergency Services

Customized Environmental Equipment

Site Plan Design Success starts with a good plan that meets regulatory requirements and is based on site conditions

Site Plan
Site Compliance

Site Compliance

  • Every BMP must be installed correctly and maintained
  • NPDES monitoring is available


  • Group discussions based on field experience
  • Custom training courses are available

Regulatory Programs

Regulatory Programs

  • Program oversight services to municipalities
  • Code enforcement
  • Litigation expertise
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